Two European countries to merge their armies next spring


Bloomberg reported on Thursday, that the Netherlands intends to complete the process of integrating the kingdom’s land forces into the German army by the end of next April.

Bloomberg quoted a major in the Dutch army, Mark van de Beek, that of the three land brigades at the disposal of the Netherlands, two have already been integrated with the Bundeswehr (the German army), and the integration of the remaining 13th Brigade into the 10th Division of the Tank Corps in the German armed forces may be completed before the end of April.

The same source said that the final decision on this issue must be taken by the government.

The total number of military units after the process of uniting the forces of the two countries will reach about 50,000, 8,000 of whom are from the Dutch army.

Van de Beek noted that within the framework of bilateral cooperation with Germany, the kingdom also intends to explore the possibility of joint procurement of military equipment and standardization of regulations in the military field.

He also added that at the same time, plans to unify the ground forces would not affect the elite Special Forces of the Netherlands Legion.

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