Turkey is building new formation for the Syrian Opposition Armed groups

After their several lose, the evacuation deals with the Syrian government, losing most of whets left of areas that used to be under their control for years of the Syrian war.

Armed groups in the north of Syria are trying to unify in one body.

According to the German news agency «Deutsche Presse-Agentur», that a source in the Syrian opposition armed groups revealed information about forming a new military body in northern Syria.

The source said: «meetings have been held for several days in the countryside of northern Aleppo to establish a new military entity includes the „Sokor Al Sham“ (Hawks of Sham), „Jabhat Tahrir Souria“ (Syria Liberation Front) „Al Jabha Al Shamyia“ (Al Shamyia Front), as well as „Jaish Al Islam“ (the Army of Islam), which came out of the Eastern Ghouta recently».

Although «Jaish Al Islam» denied these news, through its pages on social networking sites, its entry into alliances with any other factions, «the source confirmed that» the countryside of Aleppo in northern Syria is witnessing a clear military movement in preparation for major military operations beginning next month, after the Turkish elections.

He added that «the factions will work in cooperation with the Turkish army to control the countryside of eastern Aleppo and other areas in northern Syria talked about by the Turkish President recently to expel PKK militants from northern Syria».

According to sources in the Syrian armed opposition — the German agency said — «Turkey intervened to join „Jaish Al Islam“ to the new formation due to fears of „Jaish Al Islam“ becoming a large force in the north of Syria, as it has more than 5000 fighters and cooperate with other factions loyal to.

Turkey is one a race to prepare for a massive military operation in the entire north of Syria, aiming to end the Kurdish armed presence in the entire are in order to secure its southern borders and achieve victory and gain land to strength its position in any serious peace talks for the settling the Syria Crisis.

There are more speculations are appearing especially after the Olive Branch operation in Afrin Area, that Turkey is building on demographic changing by replacing Kurdish residence in areas northern Syria with Arabs of the Syrian refugees in Turkey in order to bring them back to Syria.

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