Trump: reveals Erdogan’s intention toward the Kurds and the US position on Turkey’s S400 deal with Russia

US President Donald Trump said that Turkey had prepared for the attack and eliminated the Kurdish allies of Washington in Syria, until it intervened and asked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to stop it.

“He was seeking to eliminate the Kurds.

I told him you cannot do it and he didn’t do that”.

US President Donald Trump didn’t comment on whether he would impose sanctions on Turkey, but said buying the S400 missile system was really a problem.

“We’re discussing this, we’re in a complicated situation”, Trump said, blaming former US president Barack Obama for not selling Turkey the Patriot missile system.

“We’re looking for different solutions.

It is a problem, there is no doubt about that”, Trump said.

“Turkey is our friend”, he said, adding that he wanted to increase the level of trade between the two countries.

“You cannot deal with others that way, just like the Obama administration did”, Trump said.

Trump joked that the Turkish delegation appeared to be one of “Hollywood crews”!

Edogan said earlier on Saturday before meeting with US President Donald Trump that Turkey and the United States should maintain cooperation based on their strategic partnership.

“Our strategic partnership requires solidarity in many areas”, Erdogan said, sitting beside Trump.

“I strongly believe that this solidarity will continue in the coming period”, Erdogan said.

Erdogan also stressed that the plan to buy the S400 air defense system from Russia is moving forward and is a priority for Ankara, the official Turkish Anadolu news agency reported during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Osaka, Japan.

Erdogan’s meeting with Putin came ahead of his scheduled meeting with US President Donald Trump, and under Washington’s threat to impose sanctions on Ankara, its NATO ally, if it bought the S400.

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