The Times of Israel newspaper reported that the Israeli police arrested three United Nations employees on suspicion of attempting to enter Israel at the Jordan River crossing and to smuggle cocaine by turning the drug into a liquid and placing it in small bottles.

The Israeli customs officers inspected the luggage of United Nations employees working in Syria near the border with Israel, pointing out on bottles containing drug liquid aroused suspicion among them.

The Israeli customs officers asked the UN employees about the bottles, and they said that they are used in the perfume industry.

According to the investigation report, the smugglers melt cocaine into a liquid form in order to be hid, putting them in bags for products such as wine or perfumes, and then convert it back into powder.

According to a joint statement of the Israeli police and the Israeli customs authority, a trained drug-sniffing dog helped identify cocaine, noting that the analysis conducted by the customs officer and the specialized police led to the identification of the liquid in at least one of the bottles as liquid cocaine.

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