A fiery tweet directed by Zelensky against the NATO allies, and a harsh criticism of their joint statement at the Vilnius Summit, explains its reasons for Toulouse, Oloronipa and others in the Washington Post.

The NATO allies frustrated Zelensky’s dreams and didn’t even agree to set a timetable for Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

Allied countries are wary about risking a direct war with Russia.

It was difficult for these countries to balance Ukraine’s hopes with security calculations and pragmatism.

Some NATO diplomats interpreted Zelensky’s sharp anger and described the summit’s absurd statement as an attempt to raise the bar for negotiations.

There is no doubt that Zelensky’s foolishness thwarted Biden’s hopes of leading a show of unity against Russia and highlighting his ability to mobilize global partners, and this is a key factor in his re-election plan.

Biden, who is hesitant more than anyone else about Ukraine’s accession to NATO, said that Kiev needs internal reforms to become a valid NATO member state.

In addition, It’is at war and the war must end before its membership can be discussed.

The NATO members and its Secretary-General Stoltenberg tried to absorb Zelensky’s anger by providing more weapons to Ukraine.

France will send long-range missiles, while Germany will send air defense systems and armored vehicles, and the United States will send additional support soon.

It seems that the promises of the alliance calmed Zelensky’s tone upon his arrival in Vilnius, where he declared that he still believed in a strong NATO and said, “I would like my faith to turn into confidence in the decisions that we deserve”.

However, Zelensky’s words contradict what the Western alliance did when it acquiesced to the Turkish president’s requests in exchange for his approval of Sweden’s accession to NATO.

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