The US President Donald Trump has received repeated warnings about the dangers of the spread of the Coronavirus emerging in intelligence reports in January and February, the Washington Post reported.

The newspaper wrote that these more than 12 warnings were contained in classified documents known as the “President’s Daily Report” and were issued at a time when Trump was underestimating the importance of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The newspaper quoted current and former US officials, whose identities were not revealed, that the warnings contained in this summary about the most important global issues and security threats.

For weeks, this daily report accompanied the path of spreading the virus and pointed out that China does not provide information about the seriousness and ease of spreading the virus and mentioned the major political and economic repercussions possible for this crisis, the newspaper said.

People from the president’s unidentified circles told the newspaper that Trump was not reading such documents and was upset even when he had to listen to oral presentations about the situation.

Trump decided not to impose travel restrictions between the United States and China until late January, but in February he continued to downplay the threat.

He also did not declare a national emergency due to the Covid-19 epidemic until March 13, as financial markets fell and cases in New York increased.

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