The Washington Post: Syria was left alone in the face of the catastrophe of the earthquake


The Washington Post saw that Syria, divided and isolated from most of the world, was left to face the catastrophe of the devastating earthquake on its own, at a time when support teams from as far away as Taiwan responded to a request for help from the Turkish government.

The Washington Post said that a rare visit to the Syrian areas severely affected by the devastating earthquake, which are controlled by Turkish-backed armed groups, revealed besieged, lonely, shocked and confused communities.

The Washington Post pointed out the absence of any international rescue workers to help those trapped under the rubble in those areas, while no shipments of medical supplies were brought to the survivors despite the low stocks.

This part of Syria has always suffered from successive crises, and it is home to millions of people who have faced war, displacement, hunger and disease, and even before the earthquake, there were 4.1 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in this Syrian enclave.

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