The United States added The Hay’at Tahrir Al sham “HTS” and its affiliated groups in the list of foreign terrorist organizations

The United states, State Department announced that Hay’at Tahrir Al sham «HTS» formerly known as Al Nusra front, the Syria branch of Al Qaeda has been added to the list of foreign terrorist organizations.
The State Department said in a statement ” Hay’at Tahrir Al sham «HTS» is the new name launched by Al Qaeda’s Al Nasra terrorist organization as an alternative to its name in January last year as a way to continue its work in Syria”.

The US State Department’s counterterrorism coordinator Nathan Sales, said «today’s classification goes in the direction that the United States is not fooled by trying Al Qaeda Restructuring Whatever the name of the (Al Nusra Front) is, we’ll continue to deprive it of the resources it seeks to strengthen its violent objectives».

After the terrorist organization of Al Nusra was included in the list of international terrorism, the organization changed its name and announced the formation of the «Sham Liberation Organization» (Hay’at Tahrir Al sham «HTS») in 2016, led by Abu Muhammad Al Julani, which includes the organizations of the «Fath Al Sham», «Nur Al Din Al Zenki» The Sunah Army and the «Ansar Al Din» terrorist front.

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