The Telegraph newspaper called for the need to urgently provide Ukraine with Atacms missiles, while stressing that NATO countries have the ability to crush the “Tsar”.

According to the Telegraph, the West must provide Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with the weapons he needs, and in this way Russian President Vladimir Putin will be defeated.

It’s possible to set a timetable not exceeding 12 months – a maximum – for Ukraine to defeat Russia, but he pointed out that there is a stagnation regarding Kiev’s armament that is felt in the atmosphere.

The West faces the risk of missing out on victory, while Ukrainian tanks appear to be penetrating the defensive lines engineered by Sergei Surovikin, the former Russian general.

If the Ukrainians succeed in completing their breakthroughs in large numbers, there are few obstacles that will prevent them from rushing toward Russia.

The importance of Polish engineering and logistical support in helping the Ukrainian army and maintaining its progress, but in the agricultural economy, unlike many industrialized countries in the West, Poland’s farmers have great reservations, and they fear the influx of cheap Ukrainian grain into the European market, as a result of Russian employment.

The issue of grain and placing it at the heart of the conflict.

The elections will also lead politicians to adopt a line that agrees with their electoral interests, and doesn’t necessarily have to be a moral line, which applies to the United Kingdom and the United States, which will hold elections next year, and also applies to Poland.

Western weapons are slowly changing the course of events in favor of Ukraine, but the speed of those events so far has been slow and very small, as it took six months to deliver precision artillery to Ukraine, and 12 months to supply it with tanks, and it will likely take two years to receive fighter aircraft of the type F16, if all of this had happened in the first 12 months of the invasion, most analysts, myself included, would agree that the war would have ended, and politicians around the world would not have struggled with the moral question of deciding whether to do the right thing for themselves or for peace in Europe?

The West, specifically the United States, can give the Ukrainian attack a tremendous boost, by deploying the Atacms long-range artillery system without delay, given that Ukrainian artillery units have already trained on the multiple-barrel launch system “MRLS” used to launch these precision missiles for a distance of up to 300 kilometers, which will give the Ukrainians the ability to destroy Russian guns in Crimea, and enable the light and heavy military brigades, this time, to achieve success.

The Telegraph concludes that restoring Crimea, vital territory for both sides, will lead to an end to the war, the overthrow of Putin and deprive Russia of a strong army that would enable it to threaten the West for nearly a decade.

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