The Syrian Democratic Council is ready to negotiate with Damascus without preconditions

«The joint president of the Democratic Council of Syria, Elham Ahmed, announced the readiness of the Council to send a delegation to direct negotiations in Damascus without preconditions», according to the official spokeswoman of the Syrian Democratic Front, Mays Al Kareidi.

Mays Al Kareidi spoke that «The Presidency of the Syrian Democratic Council considers that the Syrian-Syrian dialogue is the solution without external interference».

The official spokesman said in a press statement after a series of meetings conducted by the delegation of the Front with the Presidency of the Syrian Democratic Council.

The official mouthpiece of the Front, Mays Al Kareidi, denied the statement of the Asian News Agency information that talked about coordination with Damascus during their recent visit to Qamishli, and the visit was an initiative of the Front to activate the role of opposition to the internal solution of the crisis without external interference.

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