The Syrian army advances in the north-western Hama countryside and controls several villages and farms

Syrian army advanced in the north-western Hama villages and regained control of the villages of Al Bana, Tal Othman and Tal Sakhr.

The Syrian army also controlled the village of Al Shanaheira, Al Radhi farm and Al Abdullah farms.

Local media reported that units of the Syrian army on Monday targeted the points of the spread and fortifications of terrorists in the Mughir and Kafarbanda in the countryside of Hama, amid continuous progress in the northern Hama countryside.

A military source said that more than 60 armed terrorist factions were converging between the northern Hama and Idlib southern provinces and launching attacks on civilians and army posts.

On Sunday, units of the army destroyed bases and rocket launchers for Al Sham Liberation Organization “Al Nusra Front” in Al Latamenah, Zakat, Al Ahli, Al-Hawash and Al-Khorqour in the north-western of Hama.

Meanwhile witnesses reported that Turkish Army started evacuate its observation point at Qalaat Al Madiq, after the latest clashes in the north of Hama.

What happened in the area of Tal Othman the most violent during the operations of the past two days, after the control of the Syrian army on the hill, the militants of the Al Sham Liberation Organization launched an offensive counter to retake the hill (Tal Othman).

After the violent attack on Tal Osman, the Syrian army maneuvered and withdrew from the hill and its surroundings, then began bombing the attacking forces on the hill, which led to weakening their lines of defense and cut off their supply routes from the hill, then the Syrian army re-attack through the break-in with highly trained units in a quick attack, and were able to join its units with the militants of Al Sham Liberation Organization in a close combat, able to kill several of the militants, along with managing to capture three alive along with four bodies.

The rest were withdrawn and took remaining of their dead bodies before they withdrawn from the hill.

Latter the Syrian Army secured the area with strengthen its points in the hill and its surroundings, with the continued heavy shelling on the towns of Kafr Nubda and Tal Hawash and the village of Hawash and Qalaat Al Madiq and the village of Karakat and the town of Jabriya, the fact that these areas were the areas that the militants of Al Sham Liberation Organization lunched their offensive from on Tal Othman.

Tal Othman is considered one of the most important strategic area of the terrorist groups in the countryside of Hama, due to its location that able to control multiple areas at the North and northwest of Hama, also it being situated on Idlib border.

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