According to Russian RIA Novosti news agency, Russian soldiers from the Western Military District managed for the first time to seize a Swedish “CV-90” armored personnel carrier, during battles with Kiev forces on the Krasnolimansky axis.

One of the Russian soldiers who participated in the battle said that two CV-90 infantry carriers appeared in front of our defensive positions and started shooting.

During the exchange of fire, one of the vehicles was hit by an RPG, as a result the vehicle commander was killed, and the rest of the crew fled.

He added that the vehicle didn’t carry landing soldiers, while the second vehicle quickly left the area before we started targeting it.

According to the Russian soldier, this is the first time that Russian soldiers in the special operations area have seized such an armored personnel carrier, and it is likely that it was manufactured in 2018.

The Russian soldier added that the vehicle has been towed to our lines.

The Swedish made CV-90 is a combat vehicle used in the Swedish army since 1993.

It’s an armored vehicle equipped with a 40 mm cannon.

The Swedish army has more than 500 of these vehicles.

Last February, Stockholm announced that it would provide Kiev with 50 of these vehicles.

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