The head of the National Security Office in Syria, Major General Ali Mamlouk, met on Thursday with a number of Arab tribal elders at Qamishli Airport to discuss “activating the role of tribes in the tasks of protecting the region”.

The Kurdish news agency “Rudaw” reported that Mamlouk “met with 20 personalities of Arab elders and tribal elders and tribes in the region”, and that the meeting held at Qamishli Airport centered on “activating the role of tribes in protecting the country and not being drawn into supporting armed groups of various groups”.

The agency quoted one of the elders who attended the meeting as saying that “the meeting lasted for an hour and a half in the Hall of Honor in Qamishli Airport, during which Major-General heard the demands of clan elders, the most important of which was work to issue a comprehensive amnesty and settle the conditions of those wanted”.

Damascus has called on more than one occasion for the Syria Democratic Forces to join the Syrian army, and the visit of Mamluk comes days after the announcement of the commander of the “Syria Democratic Forces”, Mazloum Abdi, to reach an agreement with Russia stipulating the entry of its forces to the towns of Amouda, Tal Tamr, and Ain Issa, northeast Syria to establish stability in the region.

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