The Guardian newspaper published an article written by Palestinian activist and Israeli member of the Knesset, Sami Abu Shehadeh, in which he says that the Israel-UAE agreement has nothing to do with peace, but rather is a commercial deal.

Sami says that he will vote in the Knesset against normalizing relations between Israel and the UAE because Palestinian homes are still being destroyed, and illegal settlements continue to expand.

The writer states that he looked at the text of the agreement and read it in three copies in Arabic, Hebrew and English, and found a number of things in it, including that the language of each version was developed to suit its audience. 

The word normalization was repeated repeatedly in the Hebrew and English versions, while the Arabic version did not refer to it at all.

He believes that this is a commercial deal that almost hints at diplomatic relations, and not a peace agreement, and the phrase annexing Palestinian lands was not mentioned in the Arabic version at all.

He adds that this agreement should not be separated from the context of the US presidential election campaign, and that President Trump needs a success story after episodes of failure.

The author wonders why the agreement speaks of coexistence  with country thousands of kilometers away, when there are 100,000 Arabs in villages that are older than Israel itself, which do not recognize them and do not find basic services such as water and electricity in them.

Sami says that discrimination and racism against Palestinian Arabs who are citizens of Israel and the indigenous people who make up 20 percent of the country’s population are present in all aspects of life.

There are 50 laws that discriminate against non-Jewish citizens.

Trains in Israel do not stop in any Arab city.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz would have had a chance to become prime minister if he had allied himself with the Arab parties, but he preferred to be a weak member of the current Israeli government coalition.

The writer believes that the agreement is a generous bid from the UAE to President Trump, in return for which Abu Dhabi will receive weapons and intelligence information. 

The proof is that security companies in Israel are the most enthusiastic about this agreement.

But what about the rights of the Palestinians? 

The agreement does not refer to it at all. 

What about stopping Israel’s annexation of the Palestinian lands? 

This week, the Israeli government agrees to expand illegal settlement construction by building 5,000 new housing units.

It is interesting to note that the agreement refers to international law, United Nations resolutions and international agreements. 

What about Resolution 2334 related to illegal Israeli settlements? 

And resolution 478, which calls on all countries to withdraw their representations outside Jerusalem?

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