The Guardian: Saudi Arabia hosts Russian arms companies on the sanctions list for their involvement in the Ukraine war


The Guardian newspaper said that Saudi Arabia is hosting next week 7 Russian companies listed on the sanctions list, including a company that manufactures military helicopters, involved in the Ukraine war.

The Guardian suggested that the move would lead to an increase in tension in relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States.

The visit of these companies comes within the framework of a commercial mission to increase business with the Gulf state.

The presence of arms manufacturers with direct links to the Russian army, government companies involved in the invasion of Ukraine, and the agency overseeing the Ukrainian Zaporizhia nuclear plant, which was seized by the Russian army last year.

The Guardian reported that the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade praised the Saudi trade event, saying, “The trade mission aims to strengthen economic relations between the two countries”.

The Guardian revealed the identity of the companies registered to attend the trade conference in Riyadh on Monday and their role in the invasion of Ukraine.

The most prominent Russian company participating is Rostec for defense systems and state-owned technology, which supplied the army with weapons used during the invasion of Ukraine.

This included heavy flamethrower systems, remote minelaying vehicles and various missile launch systems.

It stated that the US Treasury described Rostec in its announcement on the sanctions list in June as “the cornerstone of Russia’s defense, industry, technology and manufacturing sectors”.

The Guardian quoted a source familiar with the objectives of the trade event organized by Saudi Arabia as saying, “The Russian delegates are seeking to secure joint investments for commercial projects, help in maintaining oil and gas prices, and other forms of diplomatic support”.

The source, who didn’t reveal his identity, told the Guardian that the Saudi Ministry of Investment is studying the possibility of opening an office in Moscow.

He mentioned a similar business forum held recently with Chinese companies, even though those companies have no connection to the Chinese military.

The Guardian stated that the Russian-Saudi relations caused tension in the relationship between Riyadh and Washington.

“The visit of Russian companies to Saudi Arabia next week may cause disappointment in the British government as well”.

It comes shortly after the visit of a British trade mission to secure investment between Britain and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

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