The Guardian: No end in sight to the war in Ukraine after year passed


The Guardian newspaper published an editorial in which it talks about the one year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Guardian says, when Biden spoke in Warsaw and Putin in Moscow on Tuesday, it appeared that the gap between Russia and the West widened even more.

Their speech was an indication that the war wouldn’t end soon.

The Russian president expected the war to end within days when he ordered the massive invasion of Ukraine a year ago.

But the courage and determination of the Ukrainians and the gift of Western countries to help was remarkable.

But more than 7,000 civilians have been killed and millions forced from their countries.

The United States estimates Ukrainian military losses at 100,000 soldiers.

The economy and infrastructure have also been destroyed, and basic resources in the country are still under the control of the Russians.

The Guardian believes that Russia, however, didn’t succeed in its lightning strike.

And it gave up the lands it occupied due to the counterattacks of the Ukrainian forces.

Putin has united Ukrainians and brought the United States back to Europe.

He strengthened the unity of the Europeans, revived and expanded NATO, cost his country dearly, economically, militarily and humanly.

Putin’s perception that the West’s resolve quickly waned didn’t materialize, as evidenced by Biden’s visit to Kiev and his announcement of more aid to Ukraine.

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