Republican Representative of the States of Florida, Matt Gaetz submitted to the US House of Representatives a draft resolution obligating US President Joe Biden to withdraw forces from Syria.

The draft resolution indicates that the number of US forces on the territory of Syria is 900 people, although Congress hasn’t approved this.

Gaetz said in a statement, “Until today, the Congress hasn’t approved in any way the presence of the US armed forces in Syria”.

Gaetz indicated that the House of Representatives should put the draft resolution to a vote within 18 days from the date of its submission, as it relates to issues of war and peace.

The United States launched a military operation against ISIS in Syria and Iraq since September 2014.

In 2019, the Former US administration of President Donald Trump withdrew part of the US forces deployed in Syria.

Later, the United States decided in 2019 to keep a limited military force in Syria for an indefinite period.

The US forces located in some areas in Hasakah and Deir al Zour provinces, northeast and eastern Syria, near oil fields.

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