The Foreign Policy newspaper stated that Europe needs a political decision, in order to be able to defend itself without the help of the United States.

Europe is unable to defend itself without the help of the United States, and that after the Russian operation in Ukraine, the US military presence must be strengthened, which is what actually happened, and Washington cannot be blamed for its concern about the threat to Europe once the war starts there.

At the same time, Europe is rich and technologically advanced, and enjoys a tremendous advantage in the field of resources, and it’s a power that produces a group of advanced weapons, but in reality it is powerless and cannot organize an effective defense against Russia.

The US policy and its vision of its role in the world prevents Europe from protecting itself, explaining that since the end of World War II, US leaders have sought to lead their European allies, and as a natural result, they resented any steps taken by Europe towards greater self-sufficiency in defense, and opposed efforts to promote joint development of European arms, including the 1998 Anglo-French initiative to increase the EU’s military effectiveness.

Washington wants the Europeans to remain dependent on American protection.

Europe’s proposal to develop a self-sufficient military capability outside NATO, which is dominated by the United States, is hated in Washington.

In this context, the Former US Secretary of Defense William Cohen warned that NATO could become a relic if the European Union built what he described as a redundant and competitive defense organization.

Also, after the European Union formed a joint fund for cooperative defense projects in 2017, a senior US defense official warned at the time, “The plans shouldn’t distract from NATO’s current activities”.

In light of all this, no one should be surprised that Russia’s war in Ukraine has strengthened Moscow’s ambitions, along with Europe’s fragility, which requires an open and increased US security commitment to protect the European continent.

What Europe needs isn’t more resources, but more political will and self-confidence.

For its part, Washington must abandon the idea that it has no choice but to be Europe’s permanent protector.

On the facts about the obsolescence of the current transatlantic security relationship.

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