The Economist: The German army is in more dire straits than ever


The Economist newspaper opens up the real condition of the German army.

In report published by the British newspaper, revealing the harsh reality that the German army is in more dire straits than ever, due to the military aid that Berlin keep sending to Ukraine, during the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The Economist pointed out that the stocks of weapons and missiles are sufficient for only a few days instead of the recommended month according to NATO standards.

The military telecommunication and radio equipment that are being used by the German army is more than 40 years old, and it’s still analog, meaning that its signals are easy to intercept, with no digital nor high tech telecommunication equipment are available.

The Economist said that among the 350 Puma armored vehicles, only 150 are operational.

The newspaper also reminded of the reforms promised by the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz that he made after the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year, which still haven’t started yet.

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