Syrian soldier selling Russian military supplies on social media!

It seems like the Syrian Army had enough supply & support by Russia, for their soldiers to start selling their extra military supplies on social media in efforts to get some money or in specie goods.

It appears like an Alawi soldier in the Syrian Army posted on a facebook page from Latakia called buy & sell online, a Russian bulletproof vest for sale.

The post says ((A Russian bulletproof vest for sale or for bargaining with a mobile phone or laptop has the same value)) and he posted a phone number apparently his phone number ((0991033775)).

With the post there are some images to the vest.

Someone sent asking the soldier ((where did you got it)) he replied ((it’s a gift from a Russian officer & it cost 60,000 SYP)) approximately equal to 100 Euros.

it is obviously there is no control or observation applied by the leaders of the Syrian army regarding the soldiers activity at the social media & they posted whatever they want moreover selling military equipment online too.

Some journalist red the news at Arabic websites & he mentioned that ((Russia should stop sending military equipment as gifts to the Syrian Army & offer the soldiers some money instead because seemingly they already have enough equipment of their own & they just want some other stuff to help them regain control of Syria to serve their president)).

He added ((I’d like to see the reaction of the Russian officer that gave that soldier this vest when he know how that soldier treated his nice gesture, in order to offer that Syrian soldier vest that could save his life during the fight & keep him safe for get shot like thousands of Syrian soldiers & officers that where killed in action since 2011)).

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