Syrian forces enter the remaining of the city of Dara’a

Syrian government troops entered neighborhoods controlled by rival factions in Syria’s southern city of Dara’a on Thursday.

Syrian military sources said, adding that Syrian army forces entered all residential areas in the southern city of Dara’a, which was controlled by anti-government armed groups.

Information from the media reported that units of the Syrian army entered Dara’a Al Balad area and raised the flag in the public square in front of the post office.

It was announced on Wednesday that an agreement had been reached between the Syrian army and the armed opposition factions that the factions in Dara’a Al Balad would surrender their weapons.

The agreement provided for the handover of heavy and medium weapons by terrorist groups”, he said, referring to the opposition factions.

The agreement “includes the areas of Dara’a Al Balad, the dam road, the camp, the prison, the Manshiyya, the groves and the silos”,

The agreement will also resolve the situation of the militants who want to settle and the rejection of the agreement.

The Syrian army currently controls 80 percent of Deraa province, and opposition factions still have about 15 percent of them, and the rest is under the control of the «Khalid bin Al Walid» faction, which has claimed allegiance to the Islamic state.

Meanwhile, reconciliation spreading the entire remaining areas west of Dara’a to the Qunaitra province, with all remaining towns is joining the deal.

According to civilians in the west of Dara’a the HTS formerly known Al Nusra front have emptied their position in Dara’a left to Qunaitra with speculations of huge Syrian Army military operation to eliminate their position in Qunaitra and annihilate the «Khalid bin Al Walid» ISIS faction, in a big operations that Russian and Syrian military sources said that the operation will be Fast and destructive, with gigantic forces are in wait to lunch it.

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