The British Sunday Times weekly newspaper, in its Sunday edition, commented on the current German policy situation.

The newspaper wrote: “French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his hope that he could lead Europe in a new direction with a set of domestic and European reforms.

By doing this, he wanted to take advantage of the vacuum that will arise in 2021 with the departure of Angela Merkel as German Chancellor.

This was a welcome goal, but during which his deep problems inside his country were not observed.

The British newspaper continued: “At the same time, Merkel’s electoral successes as a long-term advisor in the face of grave miscalculations must be weighed.

Her response to the refugee crisis in 2015 undermined solidarity in the European Union, and her efforts in favor of the North Stream gas pipeline / From Russia to Germany, it poses a threat to NATO and eastern Europe”.

The newspaper added: “Merkel will leave German politics in an unfortunate state.

In the context of her position, the right-wing opposition party AFD / Germany was strengthened while the Social Democrats, Merkel’s allies in the ruling coalition, drifted to the left.

It should be noted that the ruling coalition in Germany consists of the Social Democratic Party and the Christian Union, which includes the Merkel Christian Democratic Party and the Christian Social Party in the state of Bavaria.

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