Russian Su-35 fighters in southern Syria have intercepted Israeli fighters, who are believed to have been planning a series of air strikes on T4 (Tias Airport, also known as T4, the largest military air base in Syria), media reported. portal reported this objection and conveyed this information about the account of the Syrian military capabilities on Twitter.

The portal wrote: “It turned out that the incident was very serious, and it is worth noting that earlier in southern Syria, Israeli fighters were seen and Russian fighters were sent to intercept them”.

The sources say that Israeli fighters retreated after two Su-35 fighters took off from the Hmeimim base.

There were no official comments on these reports, either from Russia, Israel or Syria.

On November 20, the IDF announced that the IDF aircraft had bombed dozens of military targets for the Iranian Quds Force and the Syrian armed forces, including surface-to-air missiles, headquarters, weapons stores and military bases.

The Israeli army held the “Syrian government” responsible for the attacks, saying: “We hold the Syrian regime responsible for the actions taking place in the Syrian territories, and we warn it against allowing further attacks against Israel.

We’ll continue to act firmly and as long as necessary against Iranian penetration in Syria”.

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