Russian naval forces declare closure of international water area around Syria

The Russian fleet will close from Friday evening the international water area in the Mediterranean on the eve of large-scale maneuvers in the region, according to the International Bulletin for Warning of Aircraft and Ships (NOTAM).

She explained that the reason for this is due to the implementation of a group of Russian warships missile and artillery fire in the region.

The bulletin determined the coordinates of the closed area in international waters near the Syrian maritime border, which would prevent the flight of civil aircraft and the passage of ships as of 6 pm on Friday Damascus time.

On Saturday, a massive Russian naval exercise will begin from September 1 to 8 with the participation of warships and supply ships, led by the Marshal Ustinov, and fighter jets, bombers and strategists.

“The exercises will involve naval vessels, the Black Sea, the North, the Baltic Sea, Caspian and a number of long-range strategic bombers”, the Russian Defense Ministry press service quoted Admiral Vladimir Korolyov, commander of the Russian navy, as saying.

According to Korolyov, the total number of participating pieces, 26 vessels, two submarines and 34 aircraft, will engage the strategic missile launchers “Tu-160” and combat aircraft submarine “T-142” and “El -38,” in addition to the fighter “Su-33” And “Su-30”.

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