Russia and China will be capable to shoot down the American fifth generation fighters

Russia and China have all the techniques needed to develop the means to combat the latest US fighter jets, which were made using the technology of concealment, as the National Interest magazine reported.

The compilation of technologies and their completion by Moscow and Beijing is only a matter of time, as the latest F-35 and F-22 fighter jets are in danger.

According to the analyst of the US Naval Research Center, Michael Kaufmann, even the older versions of the Su-27 and the MIG-29 were equipped with infrared detection and tracking systems.

These technologies are now becoming more sophisticated. Su-57 was equipped with the latest such system.

Most of these systems operate in the mid-range, but for F-22 and F-35 detection, a system that operates in the far-wave range is needed.

The system is more sensitive and able to detect objects at long distances.

The magazine focused on the good relations between Russia and China and the active exchange between them in technology and developments, which could accelerate the development of infrared search systems and new generation tracking systems and software that allows rapid communication to inspect the US stealth technology features.

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