Republican Senator Pat Toomey said that President Donald Trump risks being remembered by people for creating a state of “chaos and misery” at the end of his term if he vetoed the $ 900 billion stimulus package approved by Congress and causes a shutdown the government.

On Sunday, Bloomberg News quoted Toomey from Pennsylvania as saying on “Fox News Sunday” that the Trump administration helped negotiate the bill, and if the president believes that direct stimulus checks should be increased, he should agree to the current proposal and return to Congress with a request more help.

Toomey added that the $ 2,000 per capita checks requested by Trump are too high for people who have not lost income as a result of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), stressing the need for more targeted aid.

Toomey added, “I understand that he wants to be remembered for demanding big checks, but the danger is that he will remind him (people) of chaos, misery and wrong behavior if he allows this package to expire… the best thing to do is to sign this law and then demand subsequent legislation pass.

Trump took no action on the stimulus bill approved by Congress last week, other than expressing his displeasure with a series of tweets and videos over the past few days.

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