Media coverage of Russia Today in its Arabic Channel correspondent Dalia Al Nimri sparked controversy in Israel, which entered the IDF camp of Avivim and photographed the empty rooms and personal belongings of the soldires.

Israeli website called “Mako” pointed out, that “a foreign correspondent entered and walked in the IDF camp of Avimim, where the Lebanese Hezbollah launched a rocket attack on an Israeli soldier vehicle, on Sunday, without anyone blocking her way”.

The website continued that “the correspondent aired its media coverage in Arabic from inside the camp, and toured with a camera team, and continued broadcasting for 7 minutes continuously, and was able to enter the rooms of the soldiers and photograph their personal belongings and places, and the camp seemed empty without soldiers”.

On Monday morning, the RT reporter, covering the developments on the northern border of Israel, was able to enter the Israeli military base of Avimim and broadcast live with the team, where the base was completely devoid of any element of the Israeli army.

Video report from Russia Today channel in Arabic on YouTube

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