Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on Iran and Saudi Arabia not to use Syria as a bridge to confrontation with other countries in the region.

“The confrontation between the largest and most influential countries in the region, and this confrontation cannot affect the situation in this region of the world, including the situation in Syria”, the Russian president said during the plenary session of the Valdai Forum for Dialogue on Thursday.

Putin pointed out that the Saudi and Iranian leaderships want good and peace for the Syrian people.

He continued, “We call on both of them to proceed from this principle and do everything possible not to use Syrian territory as a bridge to the conflict between them”.

Putin hoped that “there will be a possibility of cooperation instead of confrontation”, adding that “other motives motivate to change the current situation in relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and the transition from confrontation to cooperation”.

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia and Iran “often face common challenges, namely extremism and terrorism”, pointing out that they have common goals related to development.

“Russia can only contribute to efforts to overcome their differences, but it is up to Saudi Arabia and Iran”, Putin said.

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