Politico: Journalists and reporters stole items from Air force one plane!


A huge scandal is causing an uproar in Washington, as reports reveals that theft cases of belongings from the correspondents’ room aboard the Air Force One plane carrying the US President.

According to a report by Politico, several journalists accompanying President Joe Biden and former US presidents on their foreign trips stole many items in the room, including cups decorated with the plane’s logo and used for drinking whiskey and wine.

Although the cabin crew usually distributes small bags containing chocolates loaded with the official seal and signature of the president, journalists have stolen what they see as “treats,” including plates and cups.

Some reporters even organized private dinner parties and used the stolen dishes as part of their outfits, according to the report.

After this scandal, the White House Correspondents Association sent a warning to its members that journalists shouldn’t keep any items from the plane as souvenirs, but the journalists’ response was weak.

It includes covering the costs of correspondents’ travel and seating in the back of the US presidential plane, and providing them with food and drinks during flights.

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