The Newsweek magazine said on Monday, that it’s time to bring the US military forces in Syria back home, because “guarding the streets of Aleppo isn’t the job of the United States”.

In an article by the US Congresswoman, Anna Paulina Luna, the Newsweek asserted that members of Congress swear an oath to the people of the United States, not to the people of Syria, Ukraine or anywhere else.

The US Congresswoman pointed out that the decision to remove US forces from Syria is one of the necessary steps to redirect US foreign policy, away from the failed political consensus that wasted the country’s resources for a quarter of a century, as well as the careless bloodshed of US soldiers all over the world.

According to Newsweek, the US Congresswoman also made it clear that a few hundred soldiers wouldn’t change anything on the ground, noting that keeping Americans abroad to stop terrorist attacks is a ridiculous argument.

She added that the saying: If we don’t fight them there, they will come here, does not make sense, because this means that the entire planet requires an advanced American presence.

The Newsweek magazine stated that Syria is a prime example of the flawed status quo of US foreign policy, as former US President Barack Obama’s “naive campaign for regime change in the Middle East misunderstood the region as a whole”.

As for Obama’s slogan “Assad must go,” she considered that it “raised false hopes among a certain section of the Syrians,” and “led to the extension of the war”.

The US Congresswoman said that the Americans are still “monitoring a land that doesn’t represent any direct strategic interest for the United States,” noting that “local terrorism in distant countries doesn’t represent an existential threat to America, but rather it can be managed effectively through wise capabilities and strategies”.

According to Newsweek, members of Congress should focus on the flow of terrorists across the non-existent southern border, and China’s growing power to get rid of terrorists in America.

The US Congresswoman wondered why billions of dollars spent in the Middle East couldn’t be invested in border guards, selling or shipping equipment left behind during the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan to Taiwan.

The article concluded by saying that the era of utopian foreign policy ideas is over, and the job of the United States is to focus on American borders and law and order in American cities.

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