The New York Times revealed that the Ukrainian forces lost 20% of their offensive weapons during the first two weeks of launching the counterattack.

Quoting US and European officials, the New York Times said that the Russian defenses destroyed 20% of the weapons of the Kiev forces on various fronts, during the first two weeks of the Ukrainian counterattack.

Loses number includes some powerful and impressive Western combat vehicles, such as tanks and armored personnel carriers, on which the Ukrainian forces relied in fighting the Russian forces.

According to the New York Times sources, “The rate of losses of Ukrainian forces in military equipment decreased during the following weeks to 10%, due to the slowdown in the conduct of Ukrainian military operations in the framework of the counterattack”.

A soldier of the Ukrainian forces, who introduced himself to reporters as “Igor”, stated that one of the drones of his unit documented the destruction of dozens of Western vehicles on the battlefield as a result of Russian artillery shelling, indicating that all of them had been penetrated.

The Ukrainian counterattack launched on the fourth of last June, on several axes south of Donetsk, Zaporizhia, and Bakhmut, where the largest focus of the attack was on the Zaporizhia axis.

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