The New York Times revealed that US President Joe Biden is concerned that long-range ATACMS missiles won’t help Kiev change the balance of power on the battlefield.

According to aides to the US President, the United States has provided Ukraine with all the weapons systems requested by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, including the ATACMS system.

At the same time, Biden has expressed concerns that these missiles won’t be as effective.

“It’s important for the Ukrainian armed forces, given that the Russian Air Force flies freely”.

The New York Times said that Biden had long opposed the transfer of ATACMS systems to Kiev, because he feared that “the Ukrainians would cross the red line,” which could lead to a nuclear war.

The New York Times confirmed that the US President must now contain fatigue and dissatisfaction with the course of the fighting in Ukraine, which arose from the feeling that billions of dollars in US aid were spent in vain.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had previously indicated that US supplies of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine were causing damage and creating an additional threat, but that Russia would be able to deal with such attacks.

The ATACMS tactical missile system was developed and produced by the American defense company Lockheed Martin.

Its maximum range reaches 300 kilometers, and the warhead weighs 226 kilograms.

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