Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stressed the importance of the peace treaties Israel has signed with Jordan and Egypt, noting that stability in these two countries is a “clear interest”.

“We’ve a clear interest in the existence of the peace treaty”, Netanyahu said at a Knesset conference to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the signing of the peace treaty with Jordan.

Jordan is a country located along our longest border and the nearest distance from the Mediterranean Sea.

The importance of stability in Jordan and the importance of stability in Egypt and the stability of the peace agreements with them or not to seize extremist Islamic parties, all of this is a clear interest for us and for the Egyptian and Jordanian governments.

“There is no point in attacking us because we’re strong.

This is the basis.

On the other hand, we’re so strong that we’re able to prevent their seizure.

Unfortunately, at the forefront of this is the prerequisite.

This is the nature of our relations that stem from considerations in the interest of both sides in terms of stability and security.

We live on neighboring lands and we’ve the power to prevent the seizure by different parties.

I’ll not go into detail how we can help thwart the seizure of their land”.

“We cannot allow ourselves to be in a very vulnerable situation and to transfer Judea and Samaria to another Gaza where the territory is 20 times the size of the Gaza Strip.

“If we do this, we know that we’ll not get peace, so this is a prerequisite for our relations with the Palestinians.

I’ve talked about it with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen many times”.

“We must maintain full security control over the territory west of the Jordan River”, he said.

If we don’t, it is not important what we’ll do other things and everything will collapse”.

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