The US National Interest magazine published an article stressing the need to strengthen maritime deterrence in the Middle East after recent attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, and wondered if US aircraft carriers in the Gulf Sea would lose the war with Iran.

The preservation of the maritime presence in the region is an important part of the national security strategy, and the navy must remain as it was during the Cold War, when ships are called to move simultaneously, especially since the fleet is less than half its size before 30 years, adding that the Pentagon focused on Asia and Europe during the administration of US President Barack Obama, at the expense of the Middle East, and with the increasing threat Iran doesn’t have to leave the region suddenly.

Washington’s tough sanctions against Iran will not be enough to reassure its allies and prevent Tehran from carrying out attacks.

US Intelligence reports suggest that Iran is ready to act against US interests in the Middle East, which increases the need for the United States to keep its forces in the region and to strengthen the sea security.

The magazine added that US policy makers must start implementing both quick and substantial reforms so that the US fleet is ready for any confrontation, especially as it lacks ships and aircraft.

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