Russia has a nuclear power, the largest in the world, with thousands of nuclear warheads, but some of the means to launch these weapons raise the horror of the United States of America, because it doesn’t require human intervention.

In a report on Tuesday (January 8th), the National Interest magazine said Russia’s nuclear “Perimeter” system, called the “dead hand” by the West, may be Russia’s most feared nuclear weapon to date.

“This system, which dates back to the Cold War era between the Soviet Union and America, can launch missiles automatically without human intervention”, the report said.

“This system may be more deadly than expected in the event of a nuclear war”.

“Russia is openly discussing the use of this system recently, which is worrisome to the world, especially as it develops other nuclear weapons, such as nuclear-powered missiles and robotic submarines, which carry nuclear missiles with a 100-tonne capacity”.

The magazine says that America’s withdrawal from the medium- and short-range nuclear missile treaty, which Trump spoke of last October, opens the door to the development of horrific nuclear weapons.

The Intermediate and Short Term Missile Treaty (NRF) was signed between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1987, and the parties undertook not to manufacture, test or deploy any ballistic, winged or medium-range missiles , And the destruction of all missile systems, with an average range of 1,000-5500 km and a short range of 500-1000 kilometers.

The magazine said that the US withdrawal from the agreement paves the way for the deployment of medium and short-range missiles in Europe, which can hit the Russian territory, which makes them destined to develop deadly capabilities that could burn America in the event of a nuclear war.

Sergey Karkayev, commander of strategic missile forces, said in an interview with Russian media five years ago: “Yes, the Pyramid system exists today.

When there is a need to respond with a retaliatory strike and when there is no possibility of sending the signal to the launch platforms, “Perimeter” gives these commands”.

“If the United States decides to mobilize medium and short-range missiles in Eastern Europe, Russia must adjust its nuclear doctrine and rely on a pre-emptive strike system”, the magazine quoted former commander of strategic missile forces Viktor Yassin as saying in an interview with Zvezda last month, adding: “Will we have time to respond if we are attacked”.

“When the missiles are assembled in Eastern Europe, the time available for Russia to respond is two to three minutes, and in this case the only way to respond is to use the “dead hand” system to carry out a reprisal attack”, he said.

The Perimeter system is one of the most secret military matters, and all the information about its components, functions, and modus operandi is very little, and very confidential, an automatic command system that orders the Russian nuclear forces to strike a destructive nuclear strike, even when it has been completely destroyed Command centers and communication lines with strategic missile forces).

The system ensures the firing of ballistic missiles from all land, air and naval launchers, in the event that the enemy can destroy all leaders who can give orders to respond.

Perimeter System is a completely independent system that is not connected to other means of communication and command center commands, and even the “nuclear bag” has nothing to do with its activation.

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