The United States is trying to clamp down on Hezbollah by imposing economic sanctions on companies and individuals close to it, as well as imposing sanctions on the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the main backer of the party.

With the effect of US economic sanctions on Iran, a French report revealed the impact of these sanctions and their impact on Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

In a report entitled “Lebanon: the decline of Iranian aid enters Hezbollah in a diet”, the French newspaper Le Figaro said in a report entitled “Lebanon: the US sanctions forced Iran to reduce its financial support to the party to the equivalent of half, which led to the reduction of salaries of party members.

According to a source close to the party to the French newspaper, the financial cuts amounted to about two-thirds, which was reflected in turn on aid and financial compensation to the families of martyrs.

The painful blow to the party, according to the narrator, was the full military elements through the low wages to 50 per cent.

The report pointed out that the US restrictions on financial and banking transfers of the party affected the financial situation, especially after the detection of funding cells in Europe, especially in Belgium.

On the other hand, Lebanese analysts considered the site of “New Lebanon”, that the party faces serious challenges and large, but this is not to worry, he managed to isolate himself from some financial pressure and sanctions, so that the US sanctions didn’t succeed in strangling sources of funding irregular.

There are other options that are discussed in a number of circles close to Hezbollah, which says that the ties between the party and the Lebanese state are closer.

Others suggested the idea of ​​applying the Iraqi model in Lebanon by turning the party into a Lebanese state-controlled apparatus, as is the case with the “popular crowd” in Iraq.

But achieving this goal needs to mature conditions.

On the one hand, the party will have to agree to this within an integrated proposal that adopts the defense strategy.

This is what the party wants to achieve according to its conditions.

It also needs a general national consensus that is far from being implemented today.

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