John Kerry, Secretary of State under the administration of former US President Barack Obama, criticized the way Donald Trump dealt with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the Syrian file, pointing out the extent of damage to the country as a result.

In an interview with CNN, Kerry said: “The damage occurred, US President betrayed the Kurds our allies on the ground, who played a key role in defeating ISIS and in protecting the border with Turkey, which Turkey refused to do”.

“Now Trump has allowed the Turkish president to achieve whatever he wants to do.

In fact, Trump gave Erdogan what he was seeking in his military operations, and he helped and agreed to the evacuation and this is an extraordinary event and the damage was done”.

“The damage occurred the moment he tweeted that he would pull his troops out of Syria, the moment he did that lost the advantages that the United States had to try to resolve the Syria issue with Russia and others”.

“There was no diplomatic energy behind that and now this puts a slander and the pictures tell the story”, he said.

“Now we see Russian flags fluttering over US bases.

This tells you how much damage has been done”, Kerry said.

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