In a statement to the London-based Saudi daily Asharq Al Awsat, the US presidential envoy of the international coalition against ISIS and the Syrian Issue said that Moscow had informed Washington that the attack on Idlib and Northern Hama would be “limited” to stop targeting the Russian Hemeimim air base near Latakia, pointing out that the US administration will increase pressure if the military attack on the north-west of Syria.

The US envoy revealed that, there is a lot of progress in the negotiations with Turkey on the establishment of a “security zone” east of the Euphrates along the Syrian-Turkish border, pointing out that the United States wants the exit of Iranian forces from Syria at the end of the political process, So that the presence of foreign troops in Syria as it was before 2011.

He stressed the need to take US data on the deployment of US naval force seriously, as this happened “because we found serious signals of Iranian threats”.

He stressed that Washington would not allow Iran to fill the vacuum in northeastern Syria.

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