Israeli experts and security officers condemn Netanyahu exposing the story of Mossad operation in Iran

Security sources in Tel Aviv, described whom been considered from the high-level, revealed that the Mossad operation, through which to bring confidential material from Iran to Israel, as it claims, is still continuing, pointing out at the same time that during the operation mentioned, which lasted nearly two months, there were many failures, where the Iranians discovered the raid of the secret store in Tehran, and were in the wake of the cell, which hinted that sources which are still working on Iranian territory, without disclosing the task entrusted to them by Mossad chief, Yossi Cohen, who is very close to the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and not only at the level of the work, because the Mossad directly followed Netanyahu, and even strong personal ties of friendship, where the same sources confirmed that, unlike the former heads of Mossad, who were speaking in contrast to the positions of the Prime Minister, the obedient child, who executes orders to please the person responsible for him, as Netanyahu, as the sources confirmed.

According to a reporter for security affairs at the Israeli news company (channels 12 and 13), Nir Dvori, who confirmed in a report prepared and broadcast on the Hebrew Central Television bulletin, Mossad chose a name for the operation taken from the Torah to demonstrate the greatness and importance of the operation to the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

Davori, citing security sources, changed the name of the article at the last minute, explaining that the strict military control in the entity of Israel continues to prevent foreign and Hebrew media, both from publishing the name of the operation, claiming that the ban came because the process is still touching once, and that publication may result in one way or another, to reveal sensitive details by the Iranians about the nature and mechanism of action, according to security sources which it is based.

In a remarkable development, the claims surfaced in the investigation into Netanyahu’s appearance at a press conference held and «revealed» the operation.

The demands began to investigate his actions and whether he had caused serious security damage to the national security of the Jewish state.
The sources confirmed that in the first stage, the Subcommittee on Security Services, a very confidential committee of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee of the Israeli Knesset, will conduct a thorough examination of what happened.

They want to investigate both strategic and confidentiality, with all considerations and internal political motives, and taking into account the higher interest of the security of the state security, as the same sources confirmed.

The former finance minister in Netanyahu’s government and the chairman of the «future party», MP Yair Lapid, launched last Wednesday, a sharp attack from the Knesset platform against the Prime Minister, stressing that the latter made a serious mistake in the disclosure of the Mossad, to obtain documents confirming Tehran’s connection to the nuclear program, pointing out at the same time that the occupying entity will pay a heavy price for that in the future, as he put it.

He said that what he called «intelligence disclosure» was a first degree professional error, and related to Netanyahu’s motives in the issue of national security.

The former Israeli finance minister said that he would not address the fact that Netanyahu achieved political gains at the expense of security, but what is troubling him is that this mistake is not the only one committed by the Prime Minister recently, stressing at the same time that he makes mistakes he did not commit in Last, adding that the last error must be carefully and seriously, in order to reduce damage in the coming stages, as he said.

He added that Lapid, as reported by the morning newspaper (Yedioth Ahronoth) Hebrew, he continued that the Prime Minister made the mistake, because at the moment of detection of such an intelligence operation, the enemy will know the extent of Israel’s ability, and when he knows it will fill the gaps, and this is what happens in Iran during the last two days.

He also stressed that there is a large-scale intelligence operation in the Islamic Republic of Iran aimed at what he called filing security gaps and security breaches of the type revealed by Netanyahu on global television networks, which will make the task of intelligence in the future very difficult, as he described.

And to add more fuel on fire, a report on the Israeli news channel, based on briefings by Israeli officials, said that Mossad had smuggled hundreds of kilograms of papers and digital files on Iran’s clandestine nuclear program.

The Israeli news network reported, according to the Times of Israel, that Mossad agents managed to smuggle documents and files with digital contents as well at a time when Iranian agents were tracking the whole operation.

It also said that the operation required extensive operational infrastructure inside Iranian territory, where the Hebrew news network said that the location of the warehouse in which the files were stored was on the outskirts of Shourabad south of Tehran in an industrial zone, noting that the Mossad discovered the warehouse in 2016 and put it under surveillance since then.

Before the site was reached, secret archival material was transferred by the Iranian authorities several times to conceal its whereabouts.

However, in late January 2018, Mossad agents received accurate information referring to some cupboards in a specific container inside the warehouse.

Mossad team breaks into the place and extracts the files and moved them to another location.

The Hebrew news channel continued that a complex extraction process began from that moment.

According to the Israeli news channel, Iranian officials realized that the information was stolen before the files were smuggled out of the country.

However, Mossad agents managed to smuggle documents out of Iran while the Iranian authorities were following them and looking for them.

According to a report posted in the New York Times last week, Mossad agents broke into the building and took the documents and transferred them to Israel the same night.

«An unprecedented process in the history of Israel»

Commenting on the operation, Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz said on Tuesday that the operation was unprecedented in Israel’s history.

«When the idea was first introduced, I could not believe we would be able to do it».

They did something unprecedented, they took tons of original documents and came here”, the Israeli minister said.

An Israeli official also revealed that intelligence officials from France, the United Kingdom and Germany had visited Israel in recent days and had seen the Israeli findings obtained through a collection of Iranian documents stolen by the Mossad on the development of nuclear weapons in the past.

«All the materials Israel received in a bold intelligence operation will be presented next week to the three countries as well as to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)», an official for Israel’s Channel 10, which was not named, said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed on Monday that Israeli spies had smuggled out about 100,000 documents and archived files detailing Tehran’s nuclear weapons ambitions and research in the years before the deal was signed.

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