Another perfect example justify Assad’s victory

Facts have been unfolding, showing the type of revolution rebels that are kept undertaking the so called struggle in Syria for the past seven years with massive support from many countries, such as the US, Turkey, EU & gulf states, in order to overthrow a Syrian «Dictator» & bring freedom & democracy to the «oppressed» Syrian people.

Jaish Al Islam, as one of many examples, who fought the Syrian government & managed to control many areas in Syria.

Jaish Al Islam is considered one of the most prominent terrorist organizations in the history of the Syrian crisis, especially after the departure of their militants from the city of Douma in the eastern Ghouta to the north of Syria to be as it appear to be temporary refugees, till days reveal the final fate which is awaits them, with strong speculations that many of them will be used by Turkey as cheap fuel in the war against the Kurdish groups.

Many of them are young people along with their families, who were sometimes deceived by religion & sometimes by false cause of freedom.

The faction of Jaysh Al Islam, who is supported by Saudi Arabia in general, took most of the shots recently.

It revealed that hundreds of millions of dollars have been stolen by the faction leaders, «Zahran Alloush» & then «Abu Hammam Al Boaidani» & some leaders of the first row of this faction, which was one of the reasons for the constant fighting in Eastern Ghouta between Jaish Al Islam & the other factions such as Faylaq Al Rahman, in order to obtain their share from the money.

These two factions were getting their funding from Saudi Arabia & Qatar.

The last file that opened of Jaish Al Islam, appears the name of «Mohammed Alloush» the head of Jaish Al Islam, Political Bureau & he was among the Syrian opposition delegation in most of the Syrian peace negotiations.

It appeared according to opposition information; that «Mohammed Alloush» was dismissed after information of him stealing $ 47 million & hid them from the leadership of Jaish Al Islam, which demanded its return.

According to sources at the Syrian opposition, says that «Mohammed Alloush» during the past years has been stealing money & buying real estates in Turkey & Saudi Arabia.

According to the information the properties was as follows:

•Iwan Restaurant in Istanbul, next to Yusuf Pasha Station.
•Raboua Sham Restaurant in Riyadh, managed by Abu Abdul-Karim Al Sultla.
•Arafa Restaurant in Riyadh, managed by Abu Khalid Al-Hajji.
•Al Natej Restaurant has four branches in Saudi Arabia, managed by Bilal Ayoun.
•Antiquities trade & the establishment of secret auctions for the sale of antiquities in Istanbul (This was revealed by the spokesman of Faylaq Al Rahman weeks ago).
•Istanbul Car Wash & Workshop in Asniort.
•Food trading & medical supplies from Turkey to the north of Syria in favor of the Sham Corporation, managed by Mazen Khalbous, akin of Zahran Alloush.
•Three textile shops run by Bilal Oyoun in Saudi Arabia.
•A factory & furniture exhibition for bed rooms, guest rooms & dining rooms, the furniture factory run by Abu Hasan Al Sidawi & Abu Abdul Rahman Al Sidawi.
•Electrical equipment assembly plant in Sudan.
•Saudi-based Taiba Money transfer Office, run by Abu Muhammad Al Husseini, the younger brother of Abu Muhammad Al Husseini, nicknamed Al Zibqab, deputy commander of Jaish Al Islam, Abu Hammam Al Boaidani.
•Appointing Abo Yasser Khalbous by «Mohammed Alloush» to buy real estates in Istanbul.
•Office for Stock Exchange at Mall of Istanbul building.
•The United Exchange & Money Transfer Company based in Eastern Ghouta, Qutli Street, Douma, managed by Naim Al Khanfour, Director of the Economic Bureau of the Jaish Al Islam.
•Purchasing a house in Istanbul, Artakoy area.

Those are properties are very few & it belongs to a hands full people that are related to the Syrian opposition, more specific Jaish Al Islam faction.

Meanwhile, still there are a lot of information that keep on appearing, showing the level of corruption at all Syrian opposition bodies, without forgetting to mention the amount of corruption & theft cases that have been implicated in the Syrian opposition within several organizations such as the Syrian coalition in Istanbul.

Another small example that appears in media recently, of one of the former leaders at Jaish Al Islam «Zinedine Abidine», who was the first «Sharia» judge at Jaish Al Islam, who currently residence in Istanbul.

He turned to be the owner of chain of restaurants in Istanbul, along with a balance of several million of US dollars in several banks in Turkey.

The first Sharia judge in the so-called «Jaish Al Islam», who arrived in Turkey after his departure from Douma in the eastern Ghouta, was circled by activists on social networks.

He shaved his beard, changed his look, & start doing business.

The man who issued «Fatwas», & forced the people in eastern Ghouta on prohibiting smoking, stick to specific haircuts, prohibiting Valentine’s Day, women’s veil, mixing between genders in public places etc…

Now simply shaved his beard & sold his legislation.

We’ll not be surprised if he even established an organization that defends women’s rights & asks for support from the EU.

The ironic of these stories that all these business taxes will be enriching the budget of the Turkish government & support the Crown prince of KSA to reform his county!

What’s disgust us the most when we hear & read about these corruption/stealing stories which, the heroes of these stories, whom supposed to be the defender & the leaders of what so called «Revolution» for freedom & democracy, funded by countries in the world who kept defending human rights at the same time cooperates with monarch corrupted, backward regimes like the ones at gulf states such as the Wahabi Saud family, which is one of the soul creators of the global Islamic terrorism.

Those who funded factions such as Jaish Al Islam, with the leaders of this «Jaish Al Islam» (The Army of Islam) stole the money & made fortune & businesses, simply left, while the people, in Eastern Ghouta have nothing, no food, no money, no nothing, being used as human shields, left with nothing, facing death for absolutely no purpose.

After all they accused Bashar Al Assad & call him a «War criminal».

We see people like Donald Trump, calling Bashar Al Assad (Animal & criminal) while Mr. Trump grab women’s by the pu***, and being in the middle of so blemished cases, such as the one with a porn star, to name a few!

I mean, really, is Assad the one who should be called «Animal» or somebody else?

In logic, no one try’s to justify many of Assad’s actions, but at the same time people who opposes him should be that kind of «Angels» in order for their opinions to be taken into consideration.

Those corrupted people, are some of many, at the same time they’re the perfect example of why such people will never win the war in Syria & in fact their fate will be much worse than Assad’s fate, no matter what kind of luxurious life they have now & how many real estate they own & how much money they stole.

Whether you like it or not, Assad is victorious & the reason is obvious.

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