With the arrival of further reinforcements of the Syrian army to the north, speculation about the timing of the expected military battle against the terrorist groups controlling Idlib, Iran has revealed a serious to carry out a military operation in Idlib to liberated from the terrorist organizations, while Ankara confirmed that its talks with Tehran Moscow to make Idlib completely safe, has come a long way.

In an interview with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif with Swiss newspaper Basler Zeitung, the Iranian minister didn’t rule out a military solution to the situation in Idlib, which is still under the control of armed terrorist organizations.

“We’re moving in this direction”, Zarif said.

“We didn’t want a military operation before and we were working to prevent it, because we know that all the hostilities in Idlib will lead to disaster, but the other positions have failed, while the terrorists of Al Nusra Front is now controls a wider area than before”, he said.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran Ali Shamkhani confirmed that US President Donald Trump’s decision on the withdrawal of US troops from Syria is due to imposing the same facts on the United States; and that one of the most important facts in Syria and other places in the region is that America’s allied forces was defeated in the face of the will of the people and accordingly imposed a lot of political, military and financial expenses on America.

“Trump is a businessman, so he cannot bear the expenses without achievements, with this fact the United State withdrawal from Syria is a policy based on the facts on the ground, and it is said that these forces are supposed to move to Iraq, so it is more of a propaganda character than a realistic one because the Iraqi government and people a parliament strongly opposes the presence of US troops in the country.

Shamkhani stressed that the targeting of Iran and the resistance in some of the attacks was beyond Iran’s red lines, so Iran responded harshly after the attack on the airport and was a severe blow to the aggressors.

“We’ve taken some measures to preserve our red lines in terms of human losses resulting from any aggression.

This has been done in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Army and all the allies in this country.

We’ll soon witness an important development in strengthening the deterrent resistance in Syria.

The Zionists, especially military and intelligence officials are well aware of this”.

“The method of dealing with the aggression of the Zionist entity on Syria and the axis of resistance in 2019 will be different from the method of dealing in the past”.

As for the situation in Idlib, activists on social media sites showed videos showing a large military convoy of trucks carrying various military vehicles.

They said that it was heading for Idlib.

Another video showed hundreds of soldiers in a camp accompanied by military vehicles, are preparing for the upcoming operation in Idlib against terrorist organizations.

These developments were accompanied by the talk of activists about the further withdrawals of Turkish troops from the new points were stationed in the countryside Idlib, and said that they’re related to the ongoing preparations militarily to strike the Al Nusra Front and other radical fighters in Idlib.

On the other hand, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to make Idlib completely safe, “We’re talking with Russia and Iran on this matter, and we have come an important way”.

“The European peoples are living in peace and security in their countries thanks to the sacrifice of Turkey and its people, but we’re not making these sacrifices forever”, Erdogan said, calling on European countries to support the establishment of the “safe zone” Said it would allow the return of millions of Syrians to their homes.

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