High IQ CNN correspondent “sniffing civilians” of Douma in search for chemical evidence

American television channel CNN, an unprecedented level of inelegance, by «human sniffing in search for Chemical weapons».

The American well known news channel aired by her correspondent Arwa Damoon, was in contact with the «survivors» in Douma after the alleged chemical attack, which Washington responded by bombing Syrian positions.

In search of «poisonous substances», the reporter sniffed the people who had always left, without special chemical-protective equipment, touched some of their objects, and felt their unarmed nose with other belongings.

It is worth mentioning that US, French and British forces bombed sites in Syria at dawn on Saturday, in retaliation for Damascus for launching an alleged chemical attack in the city of Douma in the countryside of the Syrian capital Damascus a week ago, which Damascus categorically denies.

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