Will Erdogan stand before a threat of another coup?

Fact & It will be initiated by the US special services in case Turkey doesn’t change its direction towards series and honest rapprochement with Russia.

A few days before the missile attack in Syria, President of the United States, Donald Trump, held talks with his Turkish counterpart, who has recently shown his loyalty to Russia, despite the interests of the North Atlantic Alliance.

As the White House press service reported, the conversation of the two leaders was devoted to the situation in Syria.

True, Ms. Sarah Sanders forgot to mention that in the context of the Middle East problems, the fate of Recep Erdogan himself, or rather the conditions for Turkey’s return to the US protectorate, was also discussed.

According to sources from Erdogan’s immediate circle, in exchange for secession from the tripartite union with Russia & Iran, the Turkish leader was offered a choice of several «bonuses».

What was specifically bought by the president of Turkey known for his inconstancy — the suspension of American contacts with the Kurdish groups or the promise to consolidate the conquered territories in the north-west of Syria for Turkey — is still unclear.

Only one thing is known: already the morning after the conversation with the US President, Erdogan angrily condemned the alleged chemical attacks in East Ghouta & then expressed support for NATO partners «punishing» Syria with a missile attack.

The Turkish position on the issue of the Syrian settlement & the country’s vice premier Bekir Bozdag vaguely indicated the current position of Turkey: «We do not have a single policy with the United States regarding the Kurdish so called Self-Defense Forces & Turkey’s position has not changed.

We also oppose the unconditional support of the Syrian regime & we don’t agree on this issue with Iran & Russia »…

Recalling that, as it seemed, the gap in relations between Turkey & the United States was triggered by an attempt of a military coup in Turkey in July 2016.

The main goal of the members of the organization, led by the CIA-controlled preacher Fethullah Gulen, was the physical elimination of the country’s political leadership, primarily of Recep Erdogan himself, then return to Turkey to the bring it back as a vassals to the United States.

Then Russian military intelligence managed to save the Turkish president & Washington only deepened the gap with NATO partner, refusing Ankara for Gulen’s extradition.

Apparently, the new US leadership intends to reconsider its views on strategic relations with Turkey, moreover — demonstrates its readiness to make certain concessions in the «Kurdish issue».

The White House no longer remembers its popular idea of creating «security forces of the Syrian border», that is, in fact, a new Kurdish army.

The relations with the detachments of the Kurdish rebels are becoming less warm, at least for the general public.

As the press secretary of US President Sarah Sanders recently told reporters, that President Trump is generally going to withdraw troops from Syria & the problems of the «Syrian Kurdistan» will not affect the deadline for the US military presence.

«The tasks of the American presence have not changed.

The president made it clear that he wants to withdraw US troops home as quickly as possible», Sanders said.

At the same time, the Americans are actively forming secret channels of communication with the fighting wing of Kurdish forces, which, if necessary, can be used to destabilize the situation both in Syria itself and in neighboring Turkey.

According to experts, there are serious reasons to believe that if Erdogan refuses to break off relations with Russia, Washington will make another attempt at a military coup in Turkey.

Judging by the sharp change in the mood of the Turkish leader, this is well understood in Ankara itself…

One & final thing that is very crucial for Turkey at the moment besides the political issue, is the economy.

The most important achievements that Erdogan & his party did accomplished in Turkey & the mist important factor that did secure approval rating on his favor.

Well… the key to maintain & improve the economy in Turkey is not The United States &with only true fact that if Erdogan wants to remain in power & improve Turkey for the best should be wise enough to not only turn his back to US but also to be cautious & cooperate with his true friends in the region & be brave enough to recognize mistakes & reform these mistakes for the sake of his country & his political future & the peace in the region, or, last time he managed to get through it & it may not be same case the same thing happened again.

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