The Israeli Haaretz newspaper stated that the next two weeks could bring with them a point of no return for the reserve apparatus in the Israeli army.

Haaretz explained that about 650 of the special operations apparatus and offensive cyber units in the Intelligence Division announced an escalation of their steps, as of Sunday, stressing that the threat of not joining the reserve service in the future, if the judicial amendments pass, is no longer theoretical and a practical step.

The real fear in the General Staff of the upcoming developments, and of the aftershocks that it could trigger in other reserve formations, and perhaps even among officers and soldiers in the regular and permanent services.

In this context, it’s almost impossible to achieve the activities of the Air Force, at the required level, without reserve elements, as some pilots and navigators are now expressing, rightly, their fear that the stormy dispute will badly affect their performance in training and in operational sorties.

The fact that hundreds of air force reservists are threatening to refrain from service, in the event that the judicial amendments are approved, this is a development that is supposed to raise concern for Israel’s security, according to Haaretz.

Warnings of a civil war in Israel continues, as the Israeli media has repeatedly mentioned the possibility of this happening in the event of judicial amendments.

According to Haaretz, on the “Day of Disruption” last Thursday, no less than 5 incidents were recorded in which right-wing supporters tried to harm demonstrators.

Likewise, similar incidents were witnessed at the end of the week, including in the Kfar Uriah settlement, and an attempt to run over in Herzliya, which confirmed that these phenomena are expected to worsen this week.

The danger in the streets isn’t limited to pepper gas and glass bottles only, but that the police must take into account the possibility of trying to run over or even target demonstrators with a firearm.

For his part, Israeli president, Isaac Herzog, warned last week of a war that could break out if a settlement isn’t achieved, and said that he was no longer convinced that it would be possible to prevent blood in the streets.

On Saturday, 250 former senior officials in the various security agencies and the diplomatic corps published a scathing message accusing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of creating and sowing devastating divisions, and causing fatal damage to social cohesion.

They accused the Knesset of insulting the State of Israel and endangering its security by diverting national attention from the existential danger represented by Iran, the Palestinians and Hezbollah.

They continued: “Netanyahu is causing substantial harm to the chain of command in the army and police, and the necessary unity of responsibility and powers, which may cost a very heavy bloody price”.

Protests continue in the occupied Palestinian territories for the 11th week in a row, against the prime minister of the occupation and the plan for judicial amendments, and the protests expanded to reach 120 locations in occupied Palestine.

On Saturday, the demonstrators in Tel Aviv closed Ayalon Street in the north and south directions, as the number of demonstrators in the city and Kaplan Street reached about 170,000 demonstrators.

The police arrested a number of demonstrators who blocked the roads, in conjunction with the outbreak of confrontations between opponents of the government and supporters of the judicial amendments.

The former Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, also spoke earlier about the existence of a real danger of a civil war in Israel.

Likewise, the head of the Israel Our Home party, Avigdor Lieberman, said that Netanyahu is the greatest danger to Israel, more than Iran and Hezbollah, according to the Israeli Kan TV channel.

The head of the Israeli opposition, Yair Lapid, said earlier that half a year from now, Israel will be disjointed from within, and its society will be preoccupied with hatred of one another.

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