The Israeli Haaretz newspaper revealed on Monday, that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, will try to prevent the disaster of the legislative crisis that he’s going through by hinting at the Iranian nuclear disaster.

Haaretz newspaper stated that much can be learned about Netanyahu’s goals from his trips abroad, Rome, Berlin, and London, noting that despite his apparent dimness, it can be assumed that he is plotting something, concocting a ploy to get out of the crisis.

Netanyahu’s trips abroad aim to crystallize awareness, and aim to achieve several goals: sacking Justice Minister Yariv Levin and the abolition of the judicial amendment in order to remove Levin’s challenge to his leadership.

Haaretz added that one of his goals is also to expel the Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir from the coalition in order to maintain restrained and moderate political behavior, improve relations with the Americans, and freeze his trial, a step that can be assumed to be supported by the protest movement.

Haaretz newspaper pointed out that Netanyahu traveled abroad to talk about Iran, explaining that he will soon announce that Tehran is close to making a bomb and that we must prepare to attack its facilities.

Haaretz pointed out that what Israel is experiencing is a state of emergency that requires stability, a solid economy, and strengthening relations with the Americans, adding that Smotrich and Ben Gvir will be weakened, or sent to the opposition, and Levin will be dismissed from the Ministry of Justice, and the state camp will join the government and an arrangement will be found for Netanyahu, and the deal will be dirty cooked that keeps him in power.

According to Haaretz, a large majority of the public is expected to support this plan, and a presidential committee will be established under the auspices of the Israeli president, Isaac Herzog, to discuss the amendment in the State judicial institution.

Haaretz added, “It can be assumed that Netanyahu is seeking this, as well as those who control him in the house, his son Yair and his wife Sarah, and he will use the Iranian trump card, stressing that Iran is the strongest card, and perhaps also in particular regarding the pilots.

Iran is their weak point, and most of them will find it very difficult to reject a call to save Israel from a nuclear holocaust.

In light of the real existential danger of the disintegration of the state, the majority of the public will prefer such a deal, and the boycott of Netanyahu will be canceled.

And with the passage of the years, it will become clear that Israel didn’t attack Iran, (it’s a completely stupid and obsessive idea), and that Netanyahu didn’t go to prison.

And every other scenario is a fantasy, as there is no other possible scenario to end this crisis.

Haaretz newspaper believed that the government wouldn’t fall even if the crisis lasted for many months and the protest steps exacerbated and paralyzed Israel, noting that it is known how Benny Gantz and Netanyahu think in such situations.

Haaretz added, “Herzog also targets this: the second Netanyahu-Gantz government, as Iran is always Netanyahu’s escape, and this time too it is his only card out of hell,” stressing that he will prevent the legislative crisis disaster by threatening the Iranian nuclear disaster.

The Israeli Air Force pilots and the hi-tech capitalists (the most powerful pressure groups at the current junction) will support this, without them there is no effective protest, and this is how this matter will end.

It’s noteworthy that the current crisis in Israel, which doesn’t stop at the borders of the political division, constitutes an ordeal that the occupation isn’t accustomed to dealing with in the past, as it has never witnessed a broad opposition movement against a government led by one of the main Israeli political figures, such as Netanyahu.

The demonstrations that pervaded the State weren’t limited to specific groups or groups, but rather their geographical area expanded significantly, leading to the organization of protests in nearly 100 sites, streets and squares in all over the state of Israel.

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