In order to strengthen cooperation in the armaments sector at the European level, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock called for common rules on arms exports.

Birbock said in statements to the German Welt newspaper, issued on Monday, that the Russian war of aggression showed that ammunition and equipment between European countries are not automatically compatible with each other.

She added: “That’s why we are now working with our partners to develop a strategy on how we can cooperate closely with regard to industrial policy in the armaments sector… It also means that we need a joint approach to exports.”

Baerbock explained that so far there have been very different national attitudes towards this matter, which presents a challenge, especially during joint projects.

Baerbock demanded that decisions regarding arms exports be in line with foreign policy, adding: “If we strongly condemn the bombing of civilians, we cannot export ammunition there at the same time… That’s why we need common European rules on where we export to,” she said.

Baerbock explained that it must also determine what should be done about export licenses that have already been granted, in the event of serious human rights violations.

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