The American magazine Forbes has acknowledged that the residents of Raqqa are loyal to the Syrian state and reject the “Syrian-democratic forces” that are allied with the American occupation.

The magazine quoted a resident of Raqqa as saying that people are hearing all the time that the state will return next month or that it will return after controlling Idlib, according to opposition websites.

The magazine pointed out that these reports coincide with the state of confusion experienced by SDF, and «chaotic civil administration known as self-management» Kurdish.

The reconstruction is seen as almost paralyzed by insufficient funding, the Arab population’s refusal to rule the Kurds who control the city, and above all, the city lacks security after years of war that has weighed on it, increasing the population’s rejection of the rule of ” Unable to control security and rebuild the city and provide basic services.

The magazine pointed out that the destruction witnessed by Al Raqqa is one of the most important reasons for the residents’ rejection of the rule of SDF, where many believe that SDF intentionally destroyed the city in this way and used excessive force, often unjustified.

The Battle of Raqqa ended with a “secret agreement”, which allowed the gunmen to call on the terrorist and their families to withdraw from the civilian to their last remaining strongholds in Deir Al Zour.

The United Nations later said: “80 percent of the tenderness is not fit for housing”.

“Why did they destroy the civilians if they were allowed to cross into the Baghuoz?”

Asked one resident, all of whom hid their names for fear of reprisals.

“The population is preoccupied with the lack of services and despite the presence of water around the clock, the electricity grid is not working, with many schools and hospitals being destroyed”, she said.

“Yes, there is reconstruction, but through self-financing, we take loans to rebuild our homes and businesses”, one resident said.

According to the report, «many people believe that billions of dollars donated for the reconstruction of the city has been stolen by officials and organizations» all of the SDF, adding: «Although the share of tenderness was only several million, but these doubts caused by lack of confidence in who controls the city”.

The report of the American magazine confirmed that the residents of Raqqa are “loyal” to the Syrian government.

According to the report, “civilians are demanding an increase in the number of checkpoints and security measures, but SDF rejects this for fear of the sleeping cells of ISIS”.

Civilians also complain of the release of criminals and gunmen shortly after they were arrested by SDF.

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