For the first time, Russian forces entered the Syrian city of Raqqa, which for several years was the “capital” of ISIS, to distribute humanitarian aid there.

The military delivered two thousand food kits to Raqqa residents.

Military doctors have also arrived in the city, who are ready to provide assistance to all in need.

“The infrastructure in Raqqa was completely destroyed during the liberation process conducted by the US-led international coalition”, an officer at the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Controversial Parties, Vladimir Varnavsky, told reporters.

“Thousands of civilians have become victims of indiscriminate air and artillery attacks”, Varnasky added.

The city has not yet finished the work of removing rubble and clearing the area, and there is a shortage of clean water, medicine and food.

“ISIS” terrorists seized the ancient Syrian city of Raqqa, the center of the governorate of the same name, in the spring of 2013 – at least 250,000 people fled from there.

In 2014, Raqqa was declared the capital of ISIS, and the city has in effect become a terrorist stronghold.

In October 2017, the city was liberated after a multi-month operation of the Syrian Democratic Forces with the support of the International Alliance Aviation.

During the massive bombing and actions of pro-American Kurdish forces, Raqqa was destroyed.

The city has not been restored yet.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the coalition’s actions during the liberation of Raqqa as genocide>

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