Erdogan: Washington provided terrorists in Syria with 19 thousand trucks of weapons!

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed that the United States sent 19 thousand trucks loaded with weapons, ammunition and equipment to the terrorist organizations in Syria.

In a speech at the TRT World Forum in Istanbul, Erdogan stressed that his country would not leave Syria before the Syrian people took part in the elections and stated that Turkey had agreed with the Russian side to neutralize the terrorist groups in the Syrian Idlib.

Erdogan said that Turkey had received about 3 million Syrian refugees since the beginning of the crisis in this country, and that it agreed with Russia to return them to their regions.

“There is full coordination between the Russian side and the Turkish and Iranian on the situation in Idlib”.

Commenting on the remarks of the Turkish president, some political analysts expressed surprise at these statements by saying, “How these trucks loaded with weapons entered the Syrian territory and where, since the Turkish president did not specify where they entered these trucks, and that if they entered from Turkey, How can he condemn himself and his government, responsible for the entry of these trucks through his country”?

“Either Turkey is a country without sovereignty, no state controls its borders, or it has supported and allowed the entry of these trucks, or those trucks have fallen from the sky”!

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