Spanish El Mundo newspaper revealed that the Israeli occupation has been using mercenaries since the seventh of last month to fight in Gaza.

El Mundo spoke with the Spanish mercenary Pedro Diaz Flores, known for his affiliation with neo-Nazis, and he said that he is now fighting under the command of the Israeli army in Gaza, revealing that “they pay him very well”.

Flores is one of the soldiers who fought in Ukraine against the Russian army.

Speaking to the Spanish newspaper, he said, “I came for the money, and they pay very well, provide good equipment, and the pace of work is calm… The wage is 3,900 Euros per week, regardless of supplementary tasks”.

The Spanish mercenary pointed out that he is present in the Syrian occupied Golan Heights, and he and others only provide security support to arms convoys or occupation army teams present in the Gaza Strip.

He added, “We don’t fight Hamas directly, nor do we participate in offensive operations… We’re responsible for the security of checkpoints and entry control on the borders of Gaza and Jordan… There are many private military companies here, and they share the work… They usually guard the border crossings between Eilat and Aqaba”.

The name of Pedro Diaz Flores had previously appeared in the form of an obituary on an advertising website, after Russia offered $10,000 for his head.

He stressed that there are many private military companies that recruit mercenaries to fight in the ranks of the occupation army.

The Spanish El Mundo newspaper reported that Flores joined the Spanish army for 4 years. In 2018, he moved to Iraq to fight as part of the operation carried out by the international coalition in Iraq against ISIS, known as Operation Inherent Resolve.

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